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The hall of fame classes will be determined based on stats from the 2001 season and beyond. 2001 was the creation of the league so stats from that point on will be used to determine who gets the honor of joining these fantasy elite. There are some players who will get in based on longevity in the league as it concerns being fantasy relevant. There are also some other guys who will get in based on amazing performances for some individual seasons. Stats from 2000 will be considered when it comes to determining who will be enshrined each year. Players from all positions will be eligible and each year the #1 defense will get a guaranteed spot in the hall. There will also be years where more than one defense will be selected based on what they were also able to accomplish as far as being fantasy dominant through the year. Also, Jerry Rice gets a spot based on making a championship saving tackle of all things after a Gannon INT to save a TD for my opposing teams defense and giving me a 4 point win to clinch my first title. Go Jerry go.

Welcome to the hall of fame

The Hall of Fames first class will be the 2005 class. This will give four years of the league before creating the hall of fame and adding it's first players. Also will give some time for some players to make their marks on the fantasy football landscape for the fantasy kingpins league.

2011 Hall of fame class

QB Kerry Collins (Miami OH RedHawks)

QB Marc Bulger (Rhode Island Rams)

QB Brett Farve (Super Mario Galaxy)

HB Ricky Williams (Cancers Patriots)

HB Ricky A. Williams (Miami OH RedHawks)

DT San Francisco 49ers (Newport Storm)

HC (Mississippi State Bulldogs)

2010 Hall of fame class

HB Edgerrin James (Miami OH RedHawks)

WR Isaac Bruce (Psychotic Warriors)

WR Amani Toomer (Miami FL Outlawz)

DT Pittsburgh Steelers (Newport Storm)

HC Joe Cancer (Cancers Patriots)

2009 hall of fame class

QB Kurt Warner (Miami OH RedHawks)

HB Duece McAllister (New England Patriots)

WR Muhsin Muhammed (Miami OH RedHawks)

K Jason Elam (Miami OH RedHawks)

DT New York Jets (Psychotic Warriors)

2008 hall of fame class

QB Steve McNair (Lincoln Lions)

HB Priest Holmes (Cancers Patriots)

WR David Boston (Miami OH RedHawks)

WR Joe Horn (Newport Storm)

WR Keenan McCardell (Cancers Patriots)

DT Pittsburgh Steelers (Besaid Aurochs)

DT Baltimore Ravens (Miami OH RedHawks)

DT Tennessee Titans (Framingham Dragoons)

2007 hall of fame class

QB Aaron Brooks (Tampa Bay Hamemrs)

QB Drew Bledsoe (Lincoln Lions)

HB Corey Dillon (Miami OH RedHawks)

HB Tiki Barber (Lincoln Lions)

HB Stephen Davis (Cancers Patriots)

HB Curtis Martin (Dallas Cowboys)

WR Rod Smith (Miami OH RedHawks)

K Mike Vanderjagt (Cancers Patriots)

DT San Diego Chargers (Dallas Cowboys)

2006 hall of fame class

HB Marshall Faulk (Miami OH RedHawks)

HB Jerome Bettis (Lincoln Lions)

WR Jimmy Smith (Rookie Squad)

DT Baltimore Ravens (Miami OH RedHawks)

DT Chicago Bears (Rhode Island Rams)

2005 Hall of fame class

QB Rich Gannon (Rhode Island Rams)

HB Eddie George (Miami OH RedHawks)

WR Tim Brown (Florida Gators) (01-02)

WR Keyshawn Johnson (Psychotic Warriors)

WR Jerry Rice (Miami OH RedHawks)

DT Chicago Bears (Tampa Bay Hammers)